Yot Engage!

April 6, 2017

With the success of Robocraft YouTubers in Space, I question myself from time and time what to do next. I planned to do more with RYS, but at times I wonder is there something more I can do to explode the WOW factor. I am thankful and humbled that RYS started off as a small game to become something that players would reach level 100 and maxing out the hours I have put into creating the game. It truly feels awesome and I want to continue on that by introducing Project Yot.

What is Project Yot?

Yot is a code name for a standalone game that I am working, but it's currently in pre-production phase. The game itself has lots of potential and I feel it would be a competitor to Robocraft, but in a 2d perspective. I say this simply because it utilizes the mechanics of Robocraft, but themed with Galaga and provides a home for both the competitive and artistic gamers. It will also be multiplayer driven and Free to Play. Everyone has their personal taste, but when combining 2 groups, wonderful creations are made. The problem is how can I separate them from ranked matches when the time comes? Thoughts I made in my mind were given that we have a set group designated to approve what is competitive and what is not can justify ships that can play those matches. It's all an idea, but what if a game could succeed with built-in hierarchy for ranked while freedom of creativity can do anything in other modes?

Current Status of Yot

The project as of now is still in its baby stage. Features like movement and shooting are there, but the process of building spacecrafts as well as painting and all that fun jazz will take time. The damage model revolves around a core that keeps your ship intact as well as destroying parts of a ship readjusts the center of mass. In a way, it simulates reality and this is only about a week or two of production on the side.

That is all for now. I have lots of plans for Yot and the game will remain classified until an estimated 3-4 months from now.

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